Default-Logic Framework in Multiagent Systems

 In Argument Structures, Automating Argument Mining, General Methodology, Legal Reasoning, Presentations, Publications

A Default-Logic Framework for Legal Reasoning in Multiagent Systems, Vern R. Walker. Peer-reviewed paper available in Technical Report FS-06-05 for the 2006 Fall Symposium of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence.


Using law and evidence to achieve fair and accurate decisions in numerous legal cases requires a complex multiagent system. This paper discusses a framework based on many-valued, predicate, default logic that successfully captures legal knowledge, integrates and evaluates expert and non-expert evidence, coordinates agents working on different legal problems, and evolves the knowledge model over time. The graphical syntax and the semantics of this framework allow the automation of key tasks, and the emergence of dynamic structures for integrating human and non-human agents. The logical basis of the framework ensures its applicability to knowledge and problem domains of similar complexity to law.

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