General Rules for Evidence Assessment

“The presumption of soundness does not relate to the nexus requirement.” [Gilbert v. Shinseki, 749 F.3d 1370, 1373 (Fed.Cir. 2014)]

“While the [38 U.S.C.] section 105(a) presumption establishes that an injury or disease that was incurred during service was incurred in the line of duty, it is irrelevant to the question whether that in-service injury or disease is causally related to the veteran’s current disability.” [Holton v. Shinseki, 557 F.3d 1362, 1367 (Fed.Cir. 2009)]

Relevant Posts

BVA1455333: Causal Nexus

Citation Nr: 1455333 Decision Date: 12/16/14 Archive Date: 12/24/14 DOCKET NO. 12-14 433 FINDING OF FACT The Veteran has been diagnosed with PTSD medically linked to an established in-service [...]


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