Some Baseline Results of the Vaccine/Injury Project

 In General Methodology, Legal Reasoning, Presentations, V/IP Corpus, Vaccine Compensation Reasoning, Vaccine/Injury Project

Protocols Presentation 2011

Vern Walker submitted a paper and gave a presentation at the Second International Conference on Quantitative Aspects of Justice and Fairness, held on 25-26 February 2011 in Fiesole, near Florence, Italy. The conference was hosted by the European University Institute.The presentation was entitled “Empirically Quantifying Evidence Assessment in Legal Decisions.”

The paper and presentation reported some of the baseline framework and results for the Vaccine/Injury Project at the LLT Lab. Results reported involve (1) protocols for modeling the reasoning found in natural-language decisions (e.g., modeling legal rules, evidentiary assertions, findings and evidentiary structure) and (2) patterns of reasoning found in the models (e.g., the influence of rule content on evidence structure, the role of policy in fact finding, the development of “soft rules” of inference, and possible quantification metrics).

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