Video Tour of V/IP Rule Tree

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This video takes a quick tour of the logic diagram for the statutory rules involved in the Lab’s Vaccine/Injury Project (“V/IP”). We model the reasoning of the special masters who decide these cases, and study their reasoning from evidence to findings of fact. In this project, we focus on the “causation-in-fact” condition of the Off-Table Cases.

As background, you may wish to read about Rule Tree Diagrams.

The LLT Lab's Vaccine Act Logic Diagram


The short video above touches on the following points:

  • Distinguishing procedural and substantive conditions
  • The focus of the Lab’s research within the rule tree
  • Distinguishing the elements of the prima facie case from the defeater of the affirmative defense
  • The functional aspect of the logic tree:  the use of the tree as a template for modeling particular decisions, and the role of variable names for global subjects
  • The statutory rules for the “Off-Table Injury” cases investigated by the Lab
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